Student-Athlete Spotlight: Alexia Thiros (Women's Cross Country)

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Alexia Thiros (Women's Cross Country)


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Alexia's Story

For Coyote cross country runner Alexia Thiros, the old saying "run for fun" is more than a cliche.

"Personally, I just enjoy the feeling of running," says Alexia. "I listen to the sounds around me. And if we have a race coming up, I'll be planning out strategy."

While not everyone can relate to that feeling, they can certainly understand how Alexia feels about the finish line.

"It's always really exciting to see the line," she says. "You literally just start sprinting as fast as you can. There's happiness. There's relief that there's nothing more you could have given, and you've done your best."

Last weekend, the men's and women's teams made the trek to Arizona for the Mesa Thunderbird Cross Country Classic. Alexia covered the 5k course in 19:34, setting a new personal best.

"A PR (personal record) is always a bit of a confidence boost," says Alexia. "You can see yourself improving."

The next race on the calendar for the Coyotes is the October 28 PCAC Championships, and then the team has its sights set on a trip to the state finals in November.

"Teamwork happens all around the race -- before, during, and after," says Alexia. If anyone's nervous or needs help pacing, "you just kind of be there for each other.

"Everyone's fun to hang out with, but at the same time, everyone's really supportive. It's a really welcoming, comforting environment to be in."