Student-Athlete Spotlight: Sabrina Dozier (Women's Track & Field)

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Sabrina Dozier (Women's Track & Field)


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Sabrina's Story

Heading into the 2016 PCAC Finals, Sabrina Dozier was nervous.

"Warmups didn't go so well," says Sabrina. "I threw the hammer over a fence, and it hit a tractor."

"It flew way over the fence."

But after accidentally assailing the unsuspecting tractor, Sabrina set her sights on the rest of the field. She won both the shot put and the discus, and tossed in a second-place finish in the hammer as well -- a performance that propelled her on a run to the state meet.

But as her second season neared, Sabrina wasn't sure she'd get a chance to hit those marks (or any more tractors) again.

"This year started off pretty rough," she says. "This offseason, I didn't know if I would qualify for financial aid."

While that was eventually settled, Sabrina stepped back from the team when it looked like she could be ineligible with a credit issue.

"I was getting a little bit of training," she says. "But not enough."

"I found out I was eligible three days before the first track meet."

That kicked off a crash course to get back onto the field -- this time, with a new take on her to-do list.

"Every year, including middle school and high school, everyone kept telling me that I was good enough to make it to a university," Sabrina says. "I put more time into sports than grades."

"But now, I'm putting more time into school than track."

On the athletic side, it's a game of catch-up.

"The biggest challenge is just coming back with technique," she says. "I'm not that far from my max reps, and I'm not that far from my PR [personal record] in my events."

"My main goal is getting into a four-year university."

As a child development major, Sabrina hopes to own her own daycare one day.

"'I just love children," she says. "I've been working in the nursery at College Avenue Baptist Church for the last two years. I want my daycare to help the people who really need the care for their children -- the single mothers, single fathers. That's who I really want to help, struggling parents."